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Legacy Gymnastics will host its annual Spring Show for 2024 April 19th – 21st

Annually Legacy Gymnastics hosts a recreational event designed so our athletes can showcase to their family and friends the skills they have acquired and accomplished! This will be a showcase of what our athletes were working towards during their recreational classes. THIS is the event of the year! This fun-filled event is done in the style of a competitive competition without the scores or critiques. All participants will receive a personal medal, participant’s entry fee, admission for two people and an opportunity to purchase the Spring Show Leotard for $35, a $46 value. (Please note the leotard is not required to take part in the Spring Show.). An Award Ceremony will follow the event. This is a special day for all of our athletes to shine and make their parents proud.

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Upon arrival on the day of the event you will receive two entry wristbands. In addition, you will be able to purchase additional wristbands, for ages 3+, for $5 per person on a first comes first serve basis.
Once seating capacity is met for each show, standing room only wristbands will be available to purchase for $2 each.

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Remember, when the Spring Show is over, classes will still remain the same.

The Spring Show does not mark the end of classes; your child will stay enrolled in May and through the summer months in their regularly scheduled class.


Preschool Spring Show
(Sparklers, Super Stars, Junior Beginner)
Friday, April 19th - 6:00pm

School Age Spring Show
(Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Saturday, April 20th – 1:30pm
Sunday, April 21st – 11:00am/1:00pm/3:00pm


$45 per gymnast


All participants will have the opportunity to purchase the Spring Show leotard for



Be sure to come a few minutes early in order to have time to check your athlete in and get good seats.

After a few announcements, our Legacy athletes will march in and be introduced by groups of levels. This includes preschool age gymnasts, Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced gymnasts. Just like in a real Olympic style competition, athletes will then go to all of the Olympic events and perform their routines one by one. Their fellow teammates will watch as their peers perform routines.

Each event rotation is expected to last about 10 minutes, during that time each athlete performs one routine on the event- so be sure not to miss your child’s turn! Keep an eye on them the entire time. There will be multiple groups going on simultaneously and no announcements when particular athletes begin their turn. There will be four event rotations throughout the session.

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