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Our specialty classes include; Homeschool, Tramp & Tumble, Advanced Tumbling, Boys Recreational classes and Boys Team. There’s something for everyone at Legacy.

Specialty Program

Home School

Gymnastics increases strength, flexibility, speed, agility, balance, coordination, power and discipline. You may be surprised to learn gymnastics has been proven to make you smarter. Challenging activities that stimulate the brain and make you think, focus and concentrate are great for developing extraordinary brain power. Additional benefits of gymnastics include learning perseverance, attention to detail, focus, poise and confidence. Home school students are offered a discount from our regular recreational class prices and are scheduled at times that allow maximum use of the facility. Home school classes feature gymnastics instruction of course, but will also incorporate games and relays, team building and problem solving activities as well

6 – 13 YRS

Home School (60 min.)

Classes include instruction in the following areas; warm up, vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline.

Specialty Program


Legacy is your tumbling expert! Our tumbling program serves as a great adjunct to our traditional gymnastics class, provides an avenue for those students who just want to learn tumbling and is perfect for athletes involved in dance, cheer, and other tumbling related sports. We designed the classes to teach tumbling through progressions and spotting.

Kindergarten & Up

Tramp & Tumble (45 min.)

Tumbling classes focus on the tumbling aspect of gymnastics. Your athlete will improve their coordination, increase motor skills and develop strength and flexibility. This class can be taken as a stand alone option, or as an addition to a current class.

Kindergarten & Up

Advanced Tumbling (45 min.)

Building upon skills learned in Beginner Tramp and Tumble, the Advanced Tramp and Tumble class continues to challenge students. Advanced Tramp and Tumble will begin to focus on skills such as aerials, handsprings and begin work on connecting skills. Advancement to this level is by coach recommendation.

Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation

Specialty Program


Boys gymnastics is a fantastic stand-alone athletic program for boys of all ages, but it is also an excellent supplemental program for active boys involved in other sports like hockey, basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and so on. Legacy boys gymnastics delivers strength, balance, stamina, focus, discipline, flexibility, and fun! These classes visit all six Olympic events (high bar, rings, parallel bars, floor, vault, and pommel horse), as well as the trampolines and foam pits.

Kindergarten & Up

Boys Recreational (60 min.)

Prerequisite: No prior gymnastics experience, must be enrolled in Kindergarten or up

By Invitation or Tryout

Boys Team

Prerequisite: By Invitation or Tryout


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