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4 year olds & up
Specialty Programs

Our specialty classes include; Homeschool, Tramp & Tumble, Advanced Tumbling, Performance Team, Boys Recreational classes and Boys Team. There’s something for everyone at Legacy.

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New to Legacy Gymnastics!

Ninja Monkeys

We have begun a new partnership with Ninja Monkey and are offering their training program in our gymnastics classes. We are excited to offer this new experience to both boys and girls.

Ninja Monkeys is dedicated to the creative spirit of kids.  In every class, kids work on simple puzzles and problem solving amidst their physical activities.  By mixing these fun games into their workouts, kids associate using their whole bodies to work through challenges and develop an ability to truly focus.


Note: All kids will be required to purchase and wear a Ninja Monkey shirt to class.


Program Begins February 2020

4 – 5 year olds

Mini Ninja Monkeys

Perfect for Preschoolers!  The class curriculum is geared to childhood development, using positive reinforcement for kids who are learning how to learn.  We use colorful Animal badges to encourage growth in areas like caring and thinking. They will swing and roll and balance, train motor skills and practice coordination.

6+ Years Old

Ninja Monkeys

Our entry level Ninja classes focuses on all the basics of movement through space. We break our skills curriculum into four disciplines that every kid loves to learn. They’ll roll, run, flip and swing through the gym. ​Weekly strength challenges and skills of the week makes for a class that’s sure to please any little monkey that wants to be a NINJA!

Specialty Program


Our tumbling program serves as a great adjunct to our traditional gymnastics’ classes and provides an avenue for those students who just want to learn tumbling. It is perfect for athletes involved in dance, cheer, and other tumbling related sports. At Legacy our tumbling classes visit the spring floor, Tumbl Trak, trampoline and foam pit.

5 year olds & up

Tramp & Tumble

Participants will improve their coordination, increase motor skills and develop strength and flexibility. Skills developed in the early stages of tumbling include rolling, handstands, cartwheels and walkovers.

5 year olds & up

Advanced Tramp & Tumble

Students build upon the movements introduced in Tramp and Tumble. This include skills such as aerials, handsprings and flips, as well as, initial work on connecting skills

Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation

Specialty Program


Boys Classes coming soon.

Boys gymnastics is a fantastic stand-alone athletic program for boys of all ages, but it is also an excellent supplemental program for active boys involved in other sports like hockey, basketball, football, baseball, soccer and many more. Legacy boys gymnastics delivers strength, balance, stamina, focus, discipline, flexibility, and fun! These classes visit all six Olympic events (high bar, rings, parallel bars, floor, vault, and pommel horse), as well as the trampolines and foam pits.

5 year olds & up

Boys Classes

Classes will resume October 2019


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