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Fast Track

Our USAG Fast Track Team is a program designed to help naturally talented and driven students prepare for competitive gymnastics at a faster rate, into a higher level of competition, and with a higher level of technique and precision than the other routes to team. The faster rate comes from additional time in classes practicing. A strong foundation in skill building, flexibility and strength are part of the curriculum.

The final goal of the program is extremely well prepared gymnasts ready, for USAG quality competition. The assumption upon entering this program is that your daughter will compete for Legacy at some point.

Fast Track is a year round training program with strict policies on attendance and mobility, as well as parent commitment and financial considerations. The commitment is heavy, but the rewards are plentiful. Fast Track athletes train 2-4 times per week in preparation for the skills necessary for competition.

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Fast Track

Training Levels

Dynamos (5 – 7 YRS)

Hotshots (5 – 8 YRS)

Training Team (6 – 9 YRS)


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