Legacy Gymnastics Is Officially Open!

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If you were enrolled in March when classes ended, you should have received an email notifying you of our reopening plans and safety guidelines and protocols.
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Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

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The Legacy Team Gym Is Moving!

Beginning on June 24th, the first steps in transforming our new space into the future Team Gym had begun.  First and foremost it began with emptying the office equipment and cleaning the area of junk.  Then, the fun began as the pits were dug out, nearly 15 feet into the ground.  Watch here as we progress on this truly fantastic start to the project that spearheads the new facility to come!

The Walls Came Tumbling Down…

Over the last two weeks, the walls that separate the old spaces have come tumbling down to make way for the greater gym floor, including another pit.  At this point you can really begin to feel how large and open the space will be!

Legacy Colors Begin to Shine.

As a fresh coat of paint covers the previously drab walls of concrete, the colors of white, green and eventually purple are starting to mark this space as a definite part of Legacy Gymnastics. Our Team Gym move is getting closer and closer and it certainly feels like the new gym is taking shape.

Second Pit In Process…

Two of Two are almost done. The second Pit is being dug out. Once the brick-block is laid, the next step it to pour the concrete foundation for each pit before finally filling the pits with foam blocks. We are so close to finishing our new gym space!

Finally, our new Team Gym!

Legacy Gymnastics began moving its Team Gym on August 28th. After a lot of work, helped by the fantastic help from all the volunteers and coaches, we held our first full team workout on September 14th, thus signalling the final step of our move into the new space!


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