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TOPs Program

TOPs Program 

What is TOPs?

TOPs (Talent Opportunity Program), is a talent search and educational program for female gymnasts ages 7-10 and their coaches. During the months of June and July gymnasts age 7-10 are evaluated on physical abilities at the state or regional level. These dates are set by your State TOPs Manager in conjunction with the National TOPs Manager.

 Tori Tatum (10 yrs old) – 2013 Tops National A Team!!!

 TOPs Program

2012 Tops Pictures:

 Tori Tatum (9 year old) –  Tops National A Team 

 Rachel Steiner (10 year old) - Tops B Team

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2012 Tops A National Team Members

12bcampteam1 300x137 TOPs Program
2012 Tops B Team
photo1 300x225 TOPs Program

Tori Tatum at May Tops Camp

Congratulations to the following gymnasts for qualifying for National Tops Testing at the National Training Center in Houston, TX

  • Eva Abler – 8 years old
  • Becca Holt – 8 years old (tested as a 9 year old)
  • Tori Tatum – 9 years old
  • Rachel Steiner – 10 years old

    314209 456740667703494 467405467 n 300x225 TOPs ProgramState Tops Testers 2012!

    399746 4526690454866 1902377300 n 168x300 TOPs ProgramTori, Becca and Rachel with Coaches at the Karolyi Ranch for National Tops Testing 2012!

    399746 4526690414865 1923070958 n 300x168 TOPs Program  National Tops Testers – Rachel, Becca Tori

To learn more about TOPs, call us today @ 952-746-8183 and ask for Coach Travis!